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2021: A year of opportunities

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the world and our consumer behavior.

Since its beginnings at the end of 2019, we have experienced different situations that managed to strip us of our traditional paradigms and force us to seek new and better opportunities.

In this sense, life changed radically from one moment to the next, we had to learn to live enclosed, and we watched in awe as the spaces were slowly closing in a kind of silent tsunami that managed to sweep away everything in its path.

While all was happening, we learned to reinvent ourselves as a society because life cannot stop. As entrepreneurial beings, we revealed ourselves to this new reality. We began to build growth and innovation spaces that have allowed us to overcome the obstacles imposed and follow our path to success.

The increase in take-out orders, the importance of online presence, social media networks, and the internet led thousands of restaurants to see the future differently and take advantage of it. The need to provide our customers with a sense of safety has increased rigorously. It has led us to evolve our markets and offer services adapted to the new reality, which will prevail even in this year to come.

Essential on-demand services are: Professional social network management, platforms for online ordering, digital menus available through QR codes, masks, take-out menus, online presence, and an endless number of other items become this range of resources that restaurants can count on to cover, under their style and identity, all the new needs that will be faced in this 2021.

It is a new era where new growth opportunities are opening up, especially in an industry that does not stop but, on the contrary, continues to rise.

At Image Works, we are committed to 2021 loaded with excellent reasons to continue and remain your right hand in the search for new and timely solutions for today’s world, where staying at the forefront will allow you to be an example of perseverance development.

If we look back, we realize how much we have learned throughout this year and 15 others behind. However, looking to the future, we are firmly convinced that the best is yet to come.

– Norge is our Art Director & Digital Marketing Manager. He’s a superb Designer who is always focusing on what’s to come for the industry’s future.