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5 Strategies to increase sales during the current crisis.

Things have changed for a while now, and they will probably stay the same for the foreseeable future. That is why we share with you these five strategies to help you move forward from now on.

1. Surprise your customers

With the products you already have, you can create new ones like family kits or combos different from the usual ones that motivate your customers to buy.
Variety and innovation are always attractive.

2. Make your customers feel safe!

Show the precautionary measures you are taking in your restaurant to protect your staff and your customers. Right now, security and trust are essential.

3. Online ordering, curbside & delivery service

Providing new possibilities and easier access to your services you will surely increase sales.
If you cannot deliver directly, there are several companies you can partner with.

4. Special discounts

They will always be an excellent resource to activate sales. Do it on the weekend, or with a specific product or kit.
Try to set an expiration date, so the customer will want to get it before it runs out.

5. Social media

In this moment of social distancing, the best way to communicate all the previous strategies is through social networks. You can also have direct and permanent communication with your customers and reach more people.

These strategies and keeping an eye open for adjustments and innovation will surely help you move forward during this new reality.

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– Alejandra is an intrepid restaurant marketing researcher focusing on what’s to come for the industry’s future.

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